TTCN-3 User Conference

7-9 June 2011, Bled


The 10th edition of T3UC (TTCN-3 User Conference) was co-organized by Sintesio, Slovenia and the European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI) and it was held in Bled, Slovenia – a country at the heart of Europe with a prospering IT industry. It featured tutorials and presentations from members of the TTCN-3 (Testing and Test Control Notation Version 3) user community as well as keynotes from invited speakers.

Presentation topics presented in the meantime of the conference were:

  • Current and future challenges of testing with TTCN-3
  • Practical experiences of using TTCN-3 in industry; achievements from different application domains
  • Experiences from applying TTCN-3 to all kinds of testing such as conformance, interoperability, performance, load, stress, and security testing;
  • Practical results from integrating TTCN-3 into existing test platforms and test devices;
  • Achievements in integrating software design and testing methods using TTCN-3;
  • Evaluations of TTCN-3 based testing solutions, also in comparison with other testing technologies;
  • Experiences in training and educating in TTCN-3.


About TTCN-3

The Testing and Test Control Notation version 3 (TTCN-3) is a well established and mature testing technology. The flexibility and adaptability of the language have led to its rapid deployment in the domains of telecommunication, automotive, medical, aerospace, transportation, and others. In addition, its use has expanded from functional conformance testing to cover other testing kinds such as load, performance, or interoperability testing as well. Identifying future challenges of testing is and has always been a key concern to keep TTCN-3 as a modern and innovative testing technology and thereby protect existing investments in TTCN-3.



Further information about TTCN-3 can be found on the TTCN-3 Web site

TTCN-3 reference card you can find on the following link.

STQ Workshop

5.12.2008, Hotel Golf, Bled, Slovenia


Sintesio Foundation organized  one-day tutorial workshop on QoS and related topics Covered by ETSI STQ on 5th December 2008 at the Golf Hotel. Workshop was made by members of the standardization work of ETSI STQ (Speech Processing, Transmission and Quality Aspects). The workshop included leading experts in the world which presented the topic in a structured manner. The areas of expertise provided quality in telecommunication networks in the transfer of multi-content, voice, video streaming. As they wrote in their promotional material, a quality transfer of multimedia content is one of the decisive factors in the promotional market.

Workshop was organized in the context of hosting a working meeting standardization group ETSI STQ work, which was at the Golf Hotel in Bled from 1st to 5th December 2008. Members of the working group held a workshop in this very specialized field of expertise. As a result of agreements was a high quality program of one-day workshop in the field of processing and transmission of voice and related aspects of quality.

Workshop was organized for members and support organizations free of charge due to the fact that it was an extremely excellent and professional special event in the field of communication technologies in our region.

Business communications & Networking

The use of ICT infrastructure has raised the efficiency and productivity of the business

sector in last decades more than any other mean! By combining multiple media and variety of the ways to communicate and to deliver the information, organizations can organize business processes internally within the company, or with the partners, costumers and suppliers more efficiently saving both, time and money![dt_divider style=”gap”/]

The event will bring together technology providers, network operators and business technology users, mainly the purchasing decision makers to face-to-face discussion supported with real-life demonstrations of the appropriate technologies deployments for variety business environments and purposes.
Special attention is given to the state-of-the-art and emerging business communications and networking technologies, taking into consideration different aspects and areas of technologies deployments.

The main event will cover the technical and demonstration sessions.


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Telecom convergence

3.4.2008, Hotel Park, Bled, Slovenia

SINTESIO was organizing the 4th NGN symposium, which was  focused on Telecom Convergence. The symposium took place 3rd April, 2008 in Hotel Park,Bled, Slovenija.

The Symposium attracted speakers and delegates from telecommunication sector, e.g. (network, services, applications) providers, equipment vendors, refocused on Telecom Convergence.

search institutions, government institutions, standardization bodies mainly from the Alpe-Adria region. The symposium explored innovative ways of exploiting the latest Fixed-Mobile Technologies and Services from both, business and technology perspectives.

Presentations, workshops and panels were demonstrated successful use of the latest FMC technologies showing innovative business opportunities. Based on real-life case studies it was lay out the directions for successfull deployments. Focus was given to:

  • the opportunities, challenges and threats within the market driven with the telecom convergence;
  • strategies, business models, new revenue opportunities, consumer and enterprise market segments, technologies and devices to maximize revenues;
  • key FMC technical challenges and issues, technologies and deployment strategies for different market segments;
  • requirements of different wireless technologies, e.g. 3G cellular technologies, WLAN technologies, indoor wireless technologies for FMC deployment;
  • real-life case studies of successful FMC deployments in the enterprise and consumer market segments.

The symposium venue was organized in the alpine village of Bled, 30 km south of the Austrian border – one of the most beautiful spots imaginable.


NGN Symposium : Next Generation Multimedia

14.5.2007 – 15.5.2007, Hotel Golf, Bled, Slovenia

SINTESIO was organizing the 3nd International NGN symposium, which was focused on Next Generation Multimedia. The symposium took place 14-15th May, 2007 in Hotel Golf, Bled, Slovenia.

The Next Generation Multimedia was intended for professionals and executive managers from across the NGN value chain (mainly for network/content/service providers, multimedia application builders, but also for NGN equipment vendors, system integrators, and R&D institutions) from the Central and South/East Europe. The goal of the symposium was:

  • to examine and illuminate state-of-the art and future provisioning of multimedia content to residential and business fixed or/and mobile users;

  • to examine advantages and disadvantages of multimedia content delivery over Internet and/or over NGN;

  • to examine to required network and SDP capabilities and Service creation and provisioning environment and its interfaces;

  • to illuminate key multimedia services and applications for fixed and mobile users, which will shape the future of telecommunication services.

The Symposium Next Generation Multimedia builds on the ground of the 2nd NGN workshop Strategies for NGN, ( organized by Sintesio in November 2006. The workshop attended more than 140 participants from Central, East and South Europe.

The main focus of the 3rd Sintesio NGN symposium was given to delivery of multimedia content. What were the end users expectations, and what types the multimedia content were delivered in next generation networks or internet? Was the selection of the Service Delivery Platforms played the crucial role in deploying the next generation multimedia to residential and business end users? These were only few questions, which were  addressed!

The symposium Next Generation Multimedia followed the 4th meeting of ITU-T FG IPTV, which was hosted by Sintesio in Hotel Golf, in Bled, May 7-11, 2006.