PRELIMINARY ANNOUNCEMENT – SIP-I interoperability test




is preliminary announcing the 1st NGN interoperability event

PSTN/ISDN Emulation Services Scenarios

under endorsement of
European Telecommunication Standardization Institute (ETSI)
and supervision of
TISPAN technical body

which will held in

SINTESIO NGN testlab, Bled, Slovenia
May 15 – 19, 2006

Call for participation is now open!

Technical Framework

NGN aims to meet the needs of network operators and vendors alike in developing specifications for a feature-rich NGN that supports key capabilities necessary to enable a wide range of multimedia services. Capabilities in support of legacy PSTN/ISDN services (PSTN/ISDN emulation/simulation) and appropriate interconnections to other networks are supported in ETSI TISPAN Release 1. The NGN will support a gradual migration for the support of both legacy equipment and the PSTN/ISDN service set. Key scenarios of this feature are:

— PSTN/ISDN Replacement (in whole or in part)

— Support for legacy terminal equipment connected directly and indirectly to NGN.

The PSTN/ISDN service set and call servers are not re-defined by NGN. It is assumed that a PSTN/ISDN call server will provide an ISUP or other PSTN call model, and will provide signalling transport and interworking. The full PSTN/ISDN service set is only applicable to certain terminal types, i.e. legacy terminals or user equipment behaving like legacy terminals, and some of the interworking and replacement scenarios required to be supported.

Scope and Objectives

The scope of the interoperability event is to prepare and execute a network integration tests (NIT) for the following NGN migration scenarios:

  1. NGN Emulation scenario, by means of SIP-I based PES (PSTN/ISDN Emulation Subsystem) with either Softswitch or Core IMS implementations:
    1. Partial PSTN/ISDN replacement of the transit exchanges with Softswitches/IMS platforms;
    2. Whole PSTN/ISDN replacement of the local and transit exchanges with access gateways and Softswitch/IMS platforms.
  2. Interworking between NGN Core and PSTN/ISDN Legacy network:
    1. Interworking SIP/ISUP Profile A and B according to draft ATS test specification ETSI DTS 6014-4
    2. Interworking SIP/ISUP Profile B according to draft TSS/TP test specification ETSI TS 6012-2 (the extent of the test will depend on availability of ETS implementation of the draft standards)

The aim of the event is to prepare and execute well structured end-to-end network integration tests based on ETSI TISPAN draft reports with the objectives to:

— test the interoperability of different vendor’s implementations at the functional level and to evaluate the coherence of draft standards;

— test interworking between ISUP/BICC and SIP Profiles A, B and C;

— test Quality and Performance in a real multi-operator environment;

— generate technical report with the Implementation guides for deployment of NGN scenarios, that will be tested end-to-end.

Target Audience

The interoperability event is intended for those:

— Softswitch/Core IMS equipment vendors,

— network operators and service providers,

— system integrators

who want to validate the current state of implementations agains the ETSI TISPAN NGN Release 1 standards. The interoperability event will give participants the opportunity to evaluate NGN solutions and products, its interoperability with the solutions of world leading players. With the SINTESIO testlab connections to public ISDN/PSTN network and to Internet and the network configurations with remote NGN domain, it will be possible to test and validate real network behavior such as Performance, Quality and Security issues.


Equipments (call servers, trunk gateways, access or residential gateways) which will constitute part of the IUT, must support PSTN/ISDN call model and optionally SIP (profile A or B) call model, ISUP/SIP interworking, and SIP-I (SIP profile C) as NNI interface. Bearer control protocol is not in the scope of the test event, therefore it is strongly recommended that participating vendors provide both, call servers and gateways as elements constituting Type 3 GWs.

Participation fees:

1700€ per company; up to 3 participants. Participation fee covers:

— cost of a booth configuration

— coffee brakes for each day

— lunch for each day


Registration is open at ETSI Plugtest. Companies wishes to register for the event can registers here.