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DVB-T Slovenia

The purpose of the project Successful transition from analogue to digital terrestrial broadcasting depends primarily on the provision of universal acceptance of users who often feel resistance to change and do not know the benefits of digital television brings. Therefore, it is essential that end-users are in the phase transition step by step and systematically […]

STQ Workshop

5.12.2008, Hotel Golf, Bled, Slovenia Sintesio Foundation organized  one-day tutorial workshop on QoS and related topics Covered by ETSI STQ on 5th December 2008 at the Golf Hotel. Workshop was made by members of the standardization work of ETSI STQ (Speech Processing, Transmission and Quality Aspects). The workshop included leading experts in the world which […]

2nd IMS Plugtest

Bled, 10-14 November, 2008, Slovenia The IMS Plugtest focused on the interoperability of 3GPP IMS Release 7 equipment. The purposes of this event were: To enable participants to assess the interoperability of core IMS networks with commercial IMS user equipment as well as 3rd party application servers realizing key MMTel services and presence. To assess […]

Business communications & Networking

The use of ICT infrastructure has raised the efficiency and productivity of the business sector in last decades more than any other mean! By combining multiple media and variety of the ways to communicate and to deliver the information, organizations can organize business processes internally within the company, or with the partners, costumers and suppliers […]

Telecom convergence

3.4.2008, Hotel Park, Bled, Slovenia SINTESIO was organizing the 4th NGN symposium, which was  focused on Telecom Convergence. The symposium took place 3rd April, 2008 in Hotel Park,Bled, Slovenija. The Symposium attracted speakers and delegates from telecommunication sector, e.g. (network, services, applications) providers, equipment vendors, refocused on Telecom Convergence. search institutions, government institutions, standardization bodies mainly from the Alpe-Adria […]