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Sintesio has been organizing Conferences and Workshops in the Telecom related domain either on SINTESIO location or other destination located in Slovenia. [dt_divider style=”narrow”/]

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[google_map] Ljubljanska 24a, Kranj, Slovenia [/google_map]

Kranj is the fourth biggest city in Slovenia and represents an important economic, cultural and sports centre of Gorenjska. It is a modern town with different faces, where the old is gently intertwined with the new; and where a harmony of images is achieved. Offering a cultural, historical, natural and technical heritage as well as pleasant atmosphere of a small town, Kranj is definitely worth a visit.

Moderate continental climate is characterized by warm summers and cold winters. An average temperature is 9,2 ºC. The highest temperatures rich to approximately 29 ºC in July, whereas the lowest temperatures are in January, around -1 ºC. Temperature differences between day and night can vary widely. The winds from the west and southwest bring quite a few rainfalls, which are fairly well distributed throughout the year. An average annual precipitation is 1352 mm.

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