Official lounch of the web site

Today, August 18, 2005 the web site is officially lounched. The idea of a SINTESIO testlab, which is focusing on NGN interoperability issues is getting alive. For a long time NGN interoperability is recognized by European Telecommunication Standardization Institute (ETSI) as a strategic issue. As one of the results of this board decission, ETSI endorsed and co-founded SINTESIO testlab.

Sintesio is currently setting up the testlab facility at the attractive location in Bled, Slovenia. Location with more than 250 square meters will be equipped as a modern testing laboratory with capacity of over 40 permanent working places, required communication infrastructure, structured wireing, isolated equipment under test room, test and measuring equipment. Sintesio testlab will officialy open its door in September.

Along with official lounch of the web site, SINTESIO is preliminary announcing the organization of the first interoperability event under supervision of ETSI TISPAN technical body. Companies, which are interested to participate on the event may pre-register for the event on the web site.