TTCN-3 User Conference

7-9 June 2011, Bled


The 10th edition of T3UC (TTCN-3 User Conference) was co-organized by Sintesio, Slovenia and the European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI) and it was held in Bled, Slovenia – a country at the heart of Europe with a prospering IT industry. It featured tutorials and presentations from members of the TTCN-3 (Testing and Test Control Notation Version 3) user community as well as keynotes from invited speakers.

Presentation topics presented in the meantime of the conference were:

  • Current and future challenges of testing with TTCN-3
  • Practical experiences of using TTCN-3 in industry; achievements from different application domains
  • Experiences from applying TTCN-3 to all kinds of testing such as conformance, interoperability, performance, load, stress, and security testing;
  • Practical results from integrating TTCN-3 into existing test platforms and test devices;
  • Achievements in integrating software design and testing methods using TTCN-3;
  • Evaluations of TTCN-3 based testing solutions, also in comparison with other testing technologies;
  • Experiences in training and educating in TTCN-3.


About TTCN-3

The Testing and Test Control Notation version 3 (TTCN-3) is a well established and mature testing technology. The flexibility and adaptability of the language have led to its rapid deployment in the domains of telecommunication, automotive, medical, aerospace, transportation, and others. In addition, its use has expanded from functional conformance testing to cover other testing kinds such as load, performance, or interoperability testing as well. Identifying future challenges of testing is and has always been a key concern to keep TTCN-3 as a modern and innovative testing technology and thereby protect existing investments in TTCN-3.



Further information about TTCN-3 can be found on the TTCN-3 Web site

TTCN-3 reference card you can find on the following link.