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Bled, Slovenia




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Sintesio and Mobitel Welcomes International Data Mobile Experts to

Test Multi-Vendor Interoperability

— OMA’s 21st TestFest in Slovenia —


BLED, November 15, 2007 — More than 70 mobile data experts from around the world are expected at the Hotel Golf located in Bled, Slovenia, November 8 till November 16, for an interoperability testing event organized by the Open Mobile Alliance (OMA), an international specifications setting body consisting of more than 380 mobile operators, device and network suppliers, information technology companies, and content providers.

Earlier this year, OMA selected Mobitel, Slovene national mobile operator and Sintesio, an ETSI endorsed NGN interoperability test lab located in Bled, to host the event. Mobitel and Sintesio will provide test network configurations, supporting 2G and 3G wireless technologies, where it is possible to test applications in a real network situation.

A fair portion of this upcoming TestFest will be dedicated to the interoperability testing of OMA’s Enablers using IP Multimedia Subsystems (IMS), which is seen as key for the successful and rapid deployment of next generation networks’ applications, and the convergence of fixed and mobile networks.

“Telekom Slovenia Group (Mobitel, Telekom Slovenije and Avtenta), Sintesio and Sintesio’s member organizations, namely Cisco, HP and Iskratel have built a permanent IMS-enabled test environment with different fixed and wireless access networks, managed Core IP network and IMS platforms and application service domain. We are ready and delighted to welcome in Bled some of the world’s most respected data mobile engineers and specialists,” says Željko Puljič, Msc, Member of the Board of Sintesio and Telekom Slovenia Group.

“Mobitel with Sintesio arranged an efficient testing environment. The plan was designed according to the rich experience we have with the latest mobile technologies. Mobitel supports the activities of OMA, as we realize the key role of interoperability in our economic sector,” says Mitja Štular, PhD, Chief Technical Officer, Mobitel.

“OMA is very pleased with the testing environment that Mobitel and Sintesio have provided and we are looking forward to another successful event in Bled”, says Fred Harrison, Chair of OMA’s Board Interoperability Committee. “The professional support that Sintesio provides to ensure the interoperability of member implementations helps define a benchmark for the whole industry. Our ongoing testing program along with Mobitel and Sintesio’s commitment to it, demonstrates the industry wide commitment to global interoperability across networks, devices, products and services.”


About the OMA:

The Open Mobile Alliance delivers open specifications for creating interoperable services that work across countries, operators, fixed and mobile terminals. Driven by users’ needs and the expanding market for data services, the member companies of the Open Mobile Alliance stimulate the adoption of new and enhanced information, communication and entertainment services. The Open Mobile Alliance includes contributors from all key elements of the wireless value chain, and contributes to the timely and efficient introduction of services and applications.


About the Sintesio:

Sintesio is an open, not-for-profit foundation, co-founded by the European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI), Slovenian Institute for Standardization (SIST), and Iskratel, a Slovenian telecommunication vendor. The aim of the Foundation is to promote open standards, interoperability in multi-vendor/multioperator environments, to support standardization efforts and to facilitate vendors collaboration in the area of NGN telecommunication technologies and standardization. The Foundation set up the interoperability test lab, located in Bled, Slovenia, with the purpose to test and validate interoperability of multi-vendor ICT products, as well as to validate the quality of open ICT standards, especially in the NGN and IMS domain. The test lab provides a professional, industry grade test bed facility, with versatile wireline and wireless access networks, Core IP backbone, as well as commercial core IMS and open IMS subsystems.

Visit the Sintesio’s Web site at for more information.


About the Mobitel:

Mobitel is a leading Slovenian mobile telecommunications operator offering cutting edge services. It cooperates with established industry’s technology, product and service suppliers, while developing its own innovative mobile solutions in accordance with the needs of the Slovenian market and users’ fashion, keeping development in Slovenian mobile telecommunications market comparable to the most advanced countries worldwide. Building long term relationships with customers, business partners and environment, results in Mobitel enjoying high reputation in Slovenia and abroad.

Mobitel today acts in the spirit of tomorrow; it is not only following but also creating worldwide trends, already implementing services of the future that enable convergence of speech, data processing and transporting, internet, video, television, advertising, local services and social networks.

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