2nd IMS Plugtest

Bled, 10-14 November, 2008, Slovenia

The IMS Plugtest focused on the interoperability of 3GPP IMS Release 7 equipment.

The purposes of this event were:

  • To enable participants to assess the interoperability of core IMS networks with commercial IMS user equipment as well as 3rd party application servers realizing key MMTel services and presence.
  • To assess the quality of IMS core networks and their conformance to IMS specifications, and to provide feedback to standardization.
  • To ease the introduction of IMS systems into the market place by providing the means to solve interoperability problems before widespread deployment.

This event has been open to both, IMS equipment vendors and operators, as well as ETSI members and non-members. In addition, an exhibition area enabled vendors to showcase their products.
The second ETSI IMS interoperability event has been held in Bled, Slovenia from October 10th to 14th 2008 at the Hotel Golf. It was organized with the technical partnership of Sintesio, who has supplyed the test network infrastructure, and has coordinated the technical organization of the event.
The event has evaluated IMS network interoperability covering all aspects of core IMS standard TS 24.229, including interworking, roaming, border control, and support of supplementary service handling, i.e., OIP/OIR, HOLD, ACR-CB, and/or CDIV.
The test descriptions which has been the basis of the event was part of the second version of ETSI TS 186 011-2.
Six IMS core network vendors participated at this event. Using commercial Fraunhofer TISPAN openIMS clients and supplementary service application servers in different IMS network configurations, participants has been able to evaluate interoperability on standardized interfaces used to connect IMS networks together. During the event 410 of 1110 potential IMS NNI tests were executed.