Preparation process of conformity assessment of digital receivers

See Digi TVSintesio Foundation announces uder the 30th article (paragraph 7) of the Public Procurement Act (PPA-2C) contract after a call for low-value contracts:

Preparation process of conformity assessment of digital receivers

1. Preparation of a proposal regional model or certification attesting the conformity of digital receivers. Product  must include and process at least the following topics:

  • General description of the topic,
  • The basic legal and technical framework for the successful establishment of a process,
  • Definition of support processes for the successful establishment of the conformity assessment process,
  • The process of checking the conformity of devices,
  • Types and issue certificates,
  • Marking coherent receivers and outlets,
  • Promotion in the media – information campaign,
  • Examples of good practice amongst member states of project SEE Digi TV,
  •  Concrete proposal for the establishment of a certification process.

Product: Regional certification model of DVB-T and DVB-T2 receivers

2. Delivery of training and presentations on the content of products prepared at the headquarters of the project client. Duration of training: two (2) working days.

Product: Training of client

All products must be prepared in English and delivered to the contractor in electronic form. Client will actively participate in the preparation of documents and directing the implementation of activities in order to achieve consistency with the objectives of the project within the SEE DIGI.TV.